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Lips are very beautiful part of the face. But sometimes it can be very frustrating to draw lips.

So in this article, I will teach you 6 easy steps to draw lips. This is a realistic and easy lips drawing. To draw realistic-looking lips you have to shed the drawing well and put dark and light contrast to it.

In this tutorial, I used a mechanical pencil and for blending I used a homemade blending tool. By following these steps and with a few adjustments and measures you can draw any type of lips.

You can also improve your realism by spending more time on your drawing.

Step 1 : measurement

In the first step, you have to take measurements of the length and width of your reference lips.

lips have a V-shaped curve on the upper lips. and flat curve on lower lips. Usually, upper lip is smaller than the lower lip. So apply these little anatomical measures to your drawing to make it look real.

Easy lips drawing

step 2 : Draw lines

Make a central line from the middle of the lips. this line can change its position according to the perspective of the lips. Draw the basic structure of the lips according to your measurements.

Steps to draw Lips

Step 3 : Mark the light and shadow

In this step, you have to mark the shadows and light.

lips have usually more reflective light than other skin. so you have to mark the area of that light and shed the darkest part lightly.

Steps to draw Lips

Step 4 : Basic shading

From this step, you are starting shading the lips.

So firstly you have to shed the darkest part first and leave the brighter part.

Apply the basic shading to the lips then after that, we will add the values to that shadows.

Steps to draw Lips

Step 5 : Add contrast to your shadows

In this step, you have to add some contrast to your drawing. According to the values of shadow, you have to darken the shadows.

You can use 2B, 3B, or 4B pencils to darken this shadow.

Steps to draw Lips

Step 6 : Finishing

If you observed lips carefully, They have some wrinkles on them.

These wrinkles are verticles and produced by the movement of lips.

So to obtain realism you have to shade the lips according to that wrinkles.

after that, you can add shadows to the upper and lower parts of the lips, and you are done!

Steps to draw Lips

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