3 steps you should follow if you can’t draw

there are so many artists on instagram who post absulatly stunning artworks; and after seeing than you may wondered how can someone make this type of artwork?

But do you really see the years of practice and hardwork behind the art?

So first thing you should stop comparing yourself with artists which has years of practice and experience in art.

anyone can make an art but to improve it you should do paractice and practice. there is no short cut!

So in this article I included 5 steps which you can follow if you can’t draw. and by following it regularly you can improve your artwork to the next level.

Step 1 : Use good references If you can’t draw

First thing you should know is you can’t draw directly from imagination, even if you are trying to draw you are just remembring the images you saw earliar. So always use reference to draw.

You can use multiple reference to create one piece of art. you can pickup one object from one reference another from other or you can pick up theme or color from another refernece.

Always use High resolution and good quality of reference. You can use Pinterest for it.

You can also take prints of that reference if possible and measure the size and shape of your subject by your pencil and draw like that on your paper

Step 2 : Observe like an artist

If you can't draw

As an artist you should see things differenly like an artist.

you should observe basic shapes in every object you saw.

obsereve how lighting works on that shape? how shadows are made if light falls on object? etc.

you can practice it by drawing on prints of reference.

learn anatomy of human body if you want to draw human subject. and use different method for drawing like loomis method, etc

Step 3 : Practice lines and curves

just practicing lines you can improve your drawing skills to the next level.

one best practice to improve the lines is make two points on paper an join then with staight line. you can follow this exercise regularly and increase the length between the two points day by day.

you can make cross lines, staight lines, horizontal lines with this method.

Do not hold pencile on too close to tip. hold it slightltly away from tip or in center for better grip.

Another exersise is make a line and get center point of that line by jdugement then measure it by rular and see how accurate you are. practice this regularly and improve daily.

also practice to draw curves and circles. It helps to improve your holding technique of pencils and you can’t draw free handly.

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