10 Fundamental Types of digital arts and Digital art styles

Types of digital arts
Artist – Yaminidraws

Digital art is a revolution in the art field.

But did you know how many types of digital arts there are?

Recently news popped out that one digital art was sold for $69 million. Is digital art that expensive?

And what are those types of digital art which sell most?

Let’s walk through your all queries. And learn about digital art.

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What is digital art?

Digital art is termed as art created by computer or with digital equipment like tablets, laptops, smartphones or any digital screen is called as digital art.

There are so many types of digital art, and may there are a few more will come in the future!

but I have listed only basic types of digital art here. So let’s see them one by one.

What are the different types of digital art?

1. NFT –

NFT arts are widely popular types of digital art nowadays.

Recently the artwork named EVERYDAY: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS was sold for $69.3 million.

This artwork is created by Mike Winkelmann AKA Beeple. And purchased by Vignesh Sundaresan

So what is NFT?

NFT means Non-Fungible tokens

So it is unique and can’t be replaced with something else.

NFT is part of etherium blockchain. So it works like a crypto blockchain.

If someone buys NFT then all rights to that image go to the buyer.

And what if I download that NFT image to my computer? Can I use that image?

You can think of it that way, The famous Monalisa painting is also an art asset. People can pay millions of dollars for this art because they know in the future the value of this traditional piece of art will be increased.

although you can also print Monalisa’s images in your home or you can paint your own Monalisa! but still, the owner of this unique artwork is the buyer.

NFT arts are also like that.

But getting that much money for your NFT art is not everyone’s piece of cake!

2. 3D art –

Types of digital art


3d art is a three-dimensional type of digital art art

These types of art are more focused on sculpturing rather than painting.

Blender, Maya, Cinema 4d are some best software for creating 3d digital arts.

In this software, you can create any physical shape, object, environment, landscape, character, etc.

These 3d assets are used in animations, games, VFX industries, etc.

You can monetize your 3d sculpturing skill by creating and selling these types of assets.

There are many websites where you can sell your 3d assets like Etsy, TurboSquid, CG trader, etc.

3. 2d art –

Types of digital art

2d art is raster paintings that we created digitally. It is a widely created and used type of digital art.

They are just digital drawings drawn on flat or 2d digital surfaces.

In traditional times artists work on canvases, papers, woods, walls, etc.

It is difficult to promote artworks or advertising through artworks at that time

but as technology developed evolution of digital paintings especially in 2d arts begins.

2d digital arts can be used in various ways in advertising, movie posters, In newspapers, reference articles, or just as artwork.

There are the majority of artists who used to do these types of arts.

4. Realistic painting –

Types of digital art

Realistic paintings are between 2d and 3d artwork they look like 3d images and are rendered as raster paintings.

They are created on drawing software like photoshop, procreate, Autodesk sketchbook, etc.

In this type of art, artists make painting and its details look like reference images.

Sometimes it’s very pleasant to see the process of such arts.

You can make a video of your drawing process and upload it on social media. Such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

5. Illustrations –

Types of digital art

Illustrations are also 2d art but they are vector images.

Vector images means the images that we can resize anytime and they won’t lose the pixels or quality.

These types of art are usually used in posters, banners, or big prints because they remain as same quality even in a bigger size.

Logos are also a type of illustration. Any logos of companies you see are also illustrations.

Illustrations are also used in children’s books and storytelling books. Some artists make simple illustrations of portraits.

Illustrators have huge demand in the art field. There are many ways you can earn through your illustration skills. Just make your online presence on social media.

6. Photography –

Types of digital art
image source – Marathicharoli.in

There is nobody who doesn’t know about photography.

from newborn babies to the last ritual of person, people took all types of photographs which captures their emotions.

But is it even digital art? yes of course, because it is created by digital equipment and can be used digitally. Maybe not every photo is a masterpiece but still, it is art.

Some professional photographers beautifully click photos by using techniques of traditional master artists.

Such as emphasis in art, color theory, color contrast, grid method or golden ratios, etc.

These photos are even awarded as digital art.

There are lots of carrier options in photography.o

you can attend peoples special occasions like weddings, engagements, birthdays and capture their special moments.

You can take photos of models, celebrities

Or you can capture outdoor photographs of nature, traveling journeys, people and sell them online as stock photos.

7. Photo manipulation/Concept artwork –

Types of digital art

Photo manipulation means creating artwork by arranging different images in editing software.

Photo manipulations are beautiful and pleasant types of digital artwork.

By merging multiple images in one piece we can create various types of concept works.

With Photo manipulation artworks we can paint our imagination with real-life images.

Photo editing is also a type of digital art. In photo editing, digital artists work on a single image. And edit image’s contrast, retouching, colors, etc

Concept artworks are types of digital art that include both photo manipulation and digital painting.

Concept artwork means creating or drawing fantasy paintings or any concept digitally.

Concept arts can be used in comic books, children’s books, wallpapers, etc. they have also a huge demand for freelancing.

Creating concept art is also a beautiful process. You can upload your art process on YouTube.

8. Datamoshing –

Types of digital art

Datamoshing is a modern type of digital art.

Where Images are processed with glitch visual effects.

All types of modern videos are made by the datamoshing technique.

all videos are made up of three frames that are, I-frame, p-frame, and b-frame. while datasmoshing these frames are used.

I-frame store entire image

P & b frame gram info from previous or next image

All videos we see on television, youtube, or in movies, all have elements of data moshing.

You can use Avidemux to data mosh the video.

9. Algorithmic art-

Types of digital art
Algorithmic art is a new form of abstract art. It is a very pleasant and wonderful type of digital art.

Algorithmic art includes mathematics. It usually requires formulas and calculations to create these types of arts.

It can only be developed by computers.

The computer solves the polymeric and non-linear equation of fractal structure which produces visual graphics.

It is usually used in movies or VFX industries.

10. Pixel art –

10 Fundamental Types of digital arts and Digital art styles

Pixel art is just art created by using pixels.

These types of arts are usually used in 8bit and 16-bit computers.

In pixel art, there is a very limited color palette. Maybe 2 or 3.

These types of digital arts are usually used in old video games, computer graphics, etc.

What are some digital art styles

1. aesthetic art –

digital art styles
Artist – Ross draws

Aesthetic means are pleasant to see. Some art styles are pleasant to see, with vibrant colors and attractive proportions that are aesthetic art styles.

2. Fantasy –

Digital art styles

Fantasy art styles are usually emphasized from concept artworks. In fantasy artworks, there are always some mystical objects, things, some cool magical places.

3. Caricature –

Digital art styles

The caricature is a very humorous type of digital art. Caricature means exaggeration of special features of characters. For example, If someone has a short nose then it is exaggerated as very short, Same goes for ears, eyes, spacing between eyes, etc. Caricature does not mean making fun of others. People misunderstood that. It is a style of art like any other.

4. Doodles/scrubbing –

Digital art styles

In the early 17 century meaning of the doodle is to fool. Doodle art is just arranging different characters or just shapes in compact space. Sometimes artists make line-art with lifting drawing pen to make art in case it is called as Scrubbing.

5. Manga/anime style –

Digital art styles

Manga refers to Japanese comic book art whereas Anime is referred to as Japanese animation.

These art styles have usually big eyes with a small nose, narrow chin, and overall cute childish look.  Manga arts are usually black and white.

6. Disney style –

Digital art styles

Disney’s art style was developed by Walt Disney. They wanted to make their cartoon more naturalistic and realistic.

That’s why they have their unique art style.

7. Cartoon –

Digital art styles

There are so many cartoons as well as their art styles. but I have included few noticeable cartoon art styles.

7.1] Shin-chan –

This is a very popular cartoon tv show. And actually, this art style is not anatomically correct but it seems very funny with its expressions

7.2] Powerpuff girls –

This show was released in 1998. It has a very unique art style. With only line art. But with cool animation, it is ahead of its time.

7.3] Gravity falls – 

The gravity falls show was first released in 2012. It has a unique art style. The eyes of the characters are popped outside the head and eyebrows are floating in the air. And their chin is big, wide, and round.

8. Realistic art style –

Digital art styles

Realistic art styles are based on make paintings as same as a reference image. These are also beautiful types of digital art.

9. Semi-realistic art style –

Digital art styles

This art style is my favorite. Because it gives stylized look to the painting. And it looks more attractive than realistic.

10. Cartoonish doodle –

Digital art styles
Artist – Kesh

This is art style also looks cool. It is a mixture of some doodly art and cartoon art.

Which types of digital arts sell most?

First of all, art is ‘subjective’. And there are a variety of people with their variety of tastes.

For selling art first you have to reach your target customers, you have to market yourself.

you can sell any decent art with good marketing skills, but without marketing, you can’t even sell a masterpiece.

So first grab the audience, increase your social reach then you can sell any type of art.

Few types of art are trending right now such as NFT, 3D art, photography, etc.

According to research between May 2020 and April 2021, the online platform Nifty Gateway launched 2,960 new non-fungible tokens (NFTs), representing the digital artworks of 263 artists overall.

 According to ArtTactic’s NFT Art Market Report, total sales of NFTs on Nifty Gateway, including both the primary and secondary market, amounted to roughly 303.8 million U.S. dollars as of the same period.

You can grab information about How to make NFT on the internet and create your own.

Also,, the market of digital art is very big, you can sell any type of art on freelancing websites, or by reaching an audience with social media, etc.

In photography you can sell stock photos, You can sell 3d assets to websites, and so on.

Apart from that,, Every person likes eye-catchy and attractive art.

So what makes art eye-catchy and attractive?

First, you have to learn about art basics like proportions, anatomy, colors, etc. because this thing makes art pleasant to see.

You have to play around with color contrast, light-shadow, or in some cases positions of objects. To look art more attractive and it applies to all types of arts.


There are 10 types of digital art –

  1. NFT
  2. 3D art
  3. 2D art
  4. Realistic Painting
  5. Illustrations
  6. Photography
  7. Photo manipulation
  8. Datamoshing
  9. Algorithmic art
  10. Pixel art

There are plenty of digital art styles but I have included only 10 –

  1. Aesthetic Style
  2. Fantasy Art
  3. Caricature
  4. Doodles/Scrubbing
  5. Manga/Anime
  6. Disney Style
  7. Cartoon
  8. Realistic style
  9. Semi-realistic art styles
  10. Cartoonish doodle.
Share if this information is helpful for you, and comment down if I miss some art styles.
Thanks for reading,
Artist Rohan.