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Many digital artists are looking for alternative software to photoshop. because photoshop is a very expensive and premium software.

And Krita is the best alternative to photoshop and Krita vs photoshop is always a topic of debate.

So if you are one of them who are looking for an alternative to photoshop then stay tuned.

We are going to see every difference, pros & corn of “Krita vs Photoshop” in this article.

Comparison In Short –

Krita is free and open-source, which means you don’t have to pay a penny to use it. Krita is voluntary-based software and is run by its users.

photoshop is monthly subscription-based software. And premium software.

Krita is especially focused on digital art and it has the best brush engine and variety of brushes. But photoshop is an all-rounder and can do many works like designing, painting, photo manipulation, etc.

Krita Photoshop
Free & Open source Monthly subscription-based
Designed for digital art It can do multiple works, Digital art, photo editing, graphic design, etc
Easy for beginners Complicated and need to see a tutorial
The user base is less The user base is huge
developed and run by volunteers Photoshop is part of the huge creative comments industry
Features are limited A bigger range of features.

First look and feel –

Krita and photoshop have a very similar look.

Both software has a wide surface for drawing with a grey background.

Krita is mainly designed for artists to draw and paint digital arts.

Unlike Photoshop is designed for photographers and photo manipulators.

User Experience – Krita vs Photoshop

Photoshop is premium software to use

It has obviously more features and options than Krita

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand some features in photoshop

Unlikely Krita is easy to use

Popularity – Krita vs photoshop

In the case of popularity, Krita is not famous as photoshop.

Photoshop is widely popular and taught in colleges, courses, etc. it is used in professional industries.

But in the case of Krita, you hardly know about it.

The first reason why Krita is not popular as photoshop is because photoshop is industrial software.

It was paid software and run by a private company. So basically they put a lot of wealth and energy into branding their product. Like giving free software to colleges, universities, so they can teach students, etc.

But Krita is free and open-source, mainly run by a volunteer program. Means many community workers work here voluntarily and make Krita better. They also raise support funds for developing Krita.

Cost per month –

In the case of pricing, Krita is definitely a winner. Because photoshop can make a big hole in your pocket which leak your money monthly. Unless you are wealthy and professional!

The basic plan of photoshop is started from $20 per month. Which includes 1 TB of cloud storage.

The combo plan of photoshop + lightroom is started at $9.99 per month.

If you are using many products of adobe like a premium pro, after effects, etc. then this plan of $52.99 is quite affordable for you.

You can download photoshop from any software downloading sites.

Krita is absolutely free and open source. You can download it from

Compatibility – Krita vs Photoshop

Krita can run on windows, android, mac, Linux. But it is not available for I pad.

Photoshop can run on I pad, windows, android, mac, Linux, basically on most of the devices.

Krita supports PSD (Photoshop document)  files. That means we can open PSD files on Krita. So there is no issue if you want to shift from photoshop to Krita.

Working speed- Krita vs Photoshop

Speed can depend upon what type of work you do.

If you are creating digital art Krita is more handy and easy to use as compared to photoshop.

And if you are creating photo manipulation or editing then photoshop is more suitable.

Also, there is no way to measure the universal working speed of any software.

because if you are using any software for a long time then shifting to another may decrease your working speed.

Digital Painting – Krita vs Photoshop

In the case of digital painting, Krita is made for that. Unlike Photoshop.

Photoshop also has the best feature for digital art but they are not handy as Krita.

Still, so many professional artists use photoshop for their digital arts.

But for beginners, I suggest using Krita because it’s free and if you learn the basics of digital art then you can move to premium software like photoshop.

And another thing I want to tell is,  there is no such software that can push your limit and make you a better artist.

Instead of searching software, get started with what you have and start making arts and work on your skill daily. That can help you to become a great artist.

Longevity – Krita vs Photoshop

In the race of long-term survival, Adobe photoshop is definitely a winner.

Because it is part of a big creative commons industry.

And they have their strong plus points which makes them Indefeatable for their competitors. Like Apple, Google, etc.

People and big commercial companies are using Adobe products for a long time. And there is more possibility that people can use them in future. Because they are comfortable with this software.

Unlike, Krita.

Krita is run by volunteers and maybe they can stay behind in the race of this creative business.

Krita is the best software and also it is free and open-source but 90% of the professional artists still use Adobe photoshop.

And many colleges and courses are also teaching adobe photoshop.

Because adobe is putting their money and wealth into marketing their product. By giving free software to colleges or running ads, etc.

That’s why I think you have to learn photoshop if you want to survive in the art industry.


Is Krita good for animation?

Yes, Krita is good at animation as photoshop.

And it has all the functions which are required for the animation.

And it is free and open-source so as compared to photoshop it is the best software for animation.

You can do animation in Krita as you can do in photoshop.

To create frame by frame animation in Krita you have to just follow these steps –

  1. Go to setting =>
  2. Dockers =>
  3. And Activate this four dockers –

  • Animation
  • Onion skin docker
  • Animation curves docker
  • Storyboard docker

4. You can Also activate Animation docker from Windows => Animation Docker.

Is Krita as good as Photoshop?

I think Krita is the Best software for beginners. It has all the necessary functions.

And you don’t have to pay Krita for using these functions, so it is good when we compare it to the price of photoshop.

But Photoshop is a premium product and there is no doubt it is the best software in all creative industries.

And also there is a huge production company behind Photoshop which makes it better day by day.

If you have to make a carrier in Designing industry then you have to learn Photoshop.

Do professional artists use Krita?


Krita is the best alternative to the photoshop

And so many professional artists are using Krita in their professional artworks.

Many people who are interested in digital art and want to try a different or alternative option to photoshop found Krita.

This is the list of Some digital artists who are using Krita –

  1. Ali Bahabadi
  2. Albert Weand
  3. Clément Mona
  4. Joshua Grier

Is Krita good for digital drawing, or should one invest in Photoshop?

If you are a beginner you don’t have to invest in photoshop, Use Krita to get some experience and followers!

And if you are serious about art and want to make a carrier in the art industry then you should invest in photoshop and learn this software.

Can you draw in Krita, like in Photoshop and Illustrator?

You can draw in Krita as you can draw in photoshop but not in Illustrator.

Because Krita is raster painting software and illustrator is Vector painting software.

Thanks for reading,
Artist Rohan.