Drawing tablet

A drawing tablet is a standard device that each computerized craftsman has in their tool stash.

They lack the ability to draw complex shapes and the stress sensitivity of creating art digitally. Drawing tablets gives you full control and feels as normal as drawing with a penci 

Drawing Software

The following most significant device for a computerized craftsman is drawing programming. They are programs designed specifically for creating digital paintings.

Photoshop is an industry standard when it comes to drawing software. There are other alternatives in the market like Krita, Clip Studio Paint and Coreltra, which is why it is a bit expensive. 


There are hundreds of resources online and offline in the form of videos, books and courses to learn advanced drawing techniques, all it takes is a little effort and a lot of practice.

Colour accurate monitors are important 

Digital painting is all about making the right color choices and mixing/blending them correctly so getting the correct colors from your monitor is essential.

Monitor calibration device

They are more expensive and instead measure the color produced by your monitors and prepare custom settings to adjust their color output. 

Monitor calibration device

Contingent upon your necessities you may likewise require a unique screen adjustment gadgets to tweak your showcase settings consistently. 

Powerful computer

Although an average computer is sufficient for digital painting. 

Powerful computer

Problems start to appear when you work with a larger canvas size or use more stylized brushes. You may often find the computer crashing or the software crashing.

Powerful computer

This allows you to work more on creating new artwork than fixing it. Getting a good computer solves these problems