[8-Steps] How to set up PayPal for art commissions

If you are an artist and you have a problem with How to set up PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr? then this article is for you.

As an artist for more than 5 years, I have some experience with art and commission works. so I have covered all points regarding Commission works, Some tips for artists, and especially, How to set up PayPal for art commissions in this post.

there are many methods of receiving payments from Customers. But PayPal is the most trusted international payment app still date. PayPal has its unique feature of PayPal Invoice. Using that you can send bills of your product to customers professionally by mailing them.

It is safe, professional, and beyond that, it builds your image as a professional company and leads to increased connectivity and trust level of you customer with you. So How to receive commissions from PayPal?

So let’s see that…

How to set up PayPal for art commissions 

Before you know that how to set up PayPal for art commissions, first you have to know about PayPal Invoice.

PayPal Invoice –

If you are planning to use PayPal for receiving an art commission from the tumbler or any social media, then you have to know about ‘PayPal Invoices’ because this is the main feature of PayPal which we are using for sending bills to our client.

What is a Paypal invoice –

If you are using PayPal you are familiar with the concept of Paypal invoices. If not then let me tell you,
PayPal Invoice is the commercial document about product or service charge or amount which is sent by the seller to buyer in simple language it is the bill which is sent by the seller to the customer.

How do PayPal Invoices work

PayPal Invoice is actually worked as your payment bill for the customer. and most importantly it represents you as a professional company.

so that it can increase customer’s trust level in you.

You can send invoices through email. that gives next-level protection for money transfer. because clients don’t have to search your account for payment or don’t have to put your IFSC or bank details to pay you. they just have to click on your link which is sent by you directly to them.
So let’s see, How to set up PayPal Invoice for art commissions  –

Step by Step Guide on How to set up PayPal for art commissions

1. How to open a PayPal business account –

To open a PayPal account, first, go to PayPal’s official website

PayPal website – https://www.paypal.com/in/business

Then Sign in with your individual account. 
if you are new to PayPal then sign up with a business account. 
look down the images for reference.
Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr

2.Receive and send payments –

In this section, you have to select the platform or service.
 so suggest that select ‘ on a website selling goods or services. as shown in the image below.
because if you are selling traditional art then it goes under the section of Goods, and if you are selling digital art then it goes under the section of services. 
Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr

3. Enter your email –

Enter your professional email to sign up in PayPal.
In the box where the arrow is directed in the image.
Then click on submit.


Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr

4. Describe your business –

[See the image below for reference]
In this section, You have to Describe your business to PayPal.
In the first box, you have to select your business type.
So select the business type individual, until you are not running any company.
In the second box, you have to decide your product or service keyword that is your service type
so I suggest that you select Your own service.
it depends on which product or services you are selling.
Select keyword code according to your services. (it’s not very difficult just select any and start the account)
In the fourth box, you have to give your pan number for your identity card.
CC statement name is optional you can ignore that.
Then give your website Url in the last box and you are ready to go…!


Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr

5. Owner Information

In this section, you have to write your full name
and your country 
and finally, you can log into your PayPal.


Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr

6. Invoice –

Your first interface of PayPal looks like this.

Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr
Then You have to go to the Invoice section directly.
Then it tells you to complete the following task to start the invoice system.

Let’s click on the start.

Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr

7. Verify your information

Click on get started to verify your information.
Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr
Then click on ‘Go to the website’ to add a bank account.
Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr
Then select your primary currency.
As per your living country.


Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr
Then click on Add a bank account 
Then you have to put your bank details in it.
like banks account numbers and IFSC code etc.


Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr

8. Create your First Invoice –

As shown in the image, you are seeing that the ‘My template’ section
where you can add your own customized templates of invoices.
The default is also beautiful you can start with it.
Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr
You can also add your company logo as shown in the image.
Which looks very professional.
Then in the second image, you will see that ‘Type’ box. 
where you can select your product type
Then Type your client’s email
or you can type two emails, and send them to both at a time.
Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr
Then write your product description in the given section as shown in the image
And you can also give a discount to your client. as shown in the section given below.
 I suggest that If the price of your art is $40 then tell the customer $48 and then give the Discount of 20%
 It helps to build trust and bonding with customers. 
Many marketing companies use this strategy. example – Flipkart, Amazon, etc
Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr
You can also attach a file by clicking the button at the bottom.
And lastly, see the Preview of your invoice.
Check it twice and then send it to the customer.


Guide on How to setup PayPal for art commissions from Tumblr
If you have still any dought about the process you can watch youtube videos on it. 
There are plenty of videos about PayPal invoices on youtube.

Payments methods other than PayPal

There are so many methods to receive payments from clients.

1] Stripe – 

Stripe is the most trusted payment method after Paypal.
but it doesn’t support every country.
Make sure you and your customers are in a country where Stripe is supported.
And You both have accounts on stripe
Other than that it works like PayPal. you can also send invoices through this.
I would make another article on how to set up a Stripe account for the commission.
You can visit ‘https://dashboard.stripe.com/login’ on this website to sign up/sign in to your stripe account.

2] Ko-fi –

The customer requires either a debit/credit card or Paypal account to use ko-fi
To receive money through ko-fi you can link your Paypal or stripe business accounts to it.
ko-fi also allows you to follow monthly payments. where customers can activate it can pay you monthly.

Before starting commissions read this –

If you are reading this I am sure you are a good artist. and want to follow your passion and earn a little bit of money from it. I see that many people do have not enough confidence to start art commissions, they are nervous about responses from clients, judging from people, etc. that’s why I shared my information about it.

1] When do I start to do commissions?

I would say that there is no such thing as ‘Perfect timing’. you can start an art commission whenever you want.

doesn’t matter how old are you, or how much experience you have. what matters most is your quality of the art. I am not saying that you have to be perfect in your field because nobody is perfect there is always scope for improvement. but I am saying that make sure you have all the fundamental knowledge about art. whether it was digital art or traditional art.

2] How to get art commissions from Tumblr

Tumblr.com is the best source to grab an audience for artists. it is combination of blogger + Twitter.

there are 100 million blogs on Tumblr. and around 65% of Tumblr users are less than 35 years old. it means there are more teenagers or college students out there.

If you have to do commission work on Tumblr. you have to grab the audience first. and for that you have to post your art regularly, which helps to stay connected with the audience. and it definitely helps you to get commissioned.

You can get commissions from Tumblr directly by strip.com, but I would say that it is a bad idea. instead of it, you can build an audience and then grab there emails to send PayPal invoices.

And I wrote before about how to set up Paypal Invoices to get art commissions

3] Pricing of commission –

Many people have difficulties finding their commission rates
actually, there are so many methods to find out your commission rate-

a) Time required to make art-

Usually, people are working on per hour rate. If you are really a beginner then you should start with this method. ask other peoples of other professions, that how much they’ve got for working per hour. suppose you are 21 years old teenager. and you earn a minimum of $5 per hour by doing other jobs. then if you take 2 hours for making art then sell this art for $10.
If your professional artist there are many factors other than the time that can be considered. like popularity, art style, materials, etc.

b) Size of an art –

If you are a traditional artist you may be experienced that, people are charges their commissions by paper sizes like A4, A5, etc.
Digital artists also can charge by this method. By Charging for complexities or several figures in drawings.

c)Materials –

This factor depends on which art you making or which medium you are using for making art.
So many artists are making art by using expensive materials. or make critical art products like pottery, glass art by melting glasses, etc
They can also charge their product by  ‘value of material +, their efforts = price of art’ by this method.

d) Poppularity of artist –

This factor is included in your commission price when you are famous in your field.
Do you know why Salvador Dali’s or Pablo Piccaso’s Paintings are so expensive? not because of their time, materials, or mediums; but because of themselves.


Is PayPal good for art commissions?

    Absolutely…! If you read this article carefully, I said repeatedly that PayPal is a very safe widely used payment method for an art commission.
because foreign clients can also send you commission through PayPal.
and PayPal is widely popular in many countries like India, Pakistan, the USA, Canada, etc. so probably you don’t have to ask clients to open a PayPal account and then send money through it.

And I also told about the features of Paypal invoices. this is the best method for artists to receive payments.

What kind of PayPal account do I need for art commissions?

You need PayPal Business to account for receiving art commission. Because it gives the feature of PayPal invoices. If you have PayPal individual account then upgrade it to a PayPal business account.

How do I pay art commissions on PayPal?

If you have to buy art from Artist –
You just have to ask your artist to send a PayPal invoice to your mail. then see the bill, and then pay it through the PayPal
And make sure that you have an account on PayPal, and you fill all personal information to it. like pan card number, bank account number, IFSC code, etc.

Summary on How to setup Paypal for Art commission –

  1. Sign in or Sign Up to Paypal
  2. Open a PayPal Business account.
  3. Fill in Your Important information.
  4. Link your bank to PayPal.
  5. Click on PayPal Invoice and Create your invoice by filling in the product type, name, discount, price, etc.
  6. Preview it, And then send it to the client.
Thanks for reading,
Artist Rohan.