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Drawing anime is such a cool thing to do. I drew a lot of anime characters in childhood.

Anime eyes are also very cute and easy to draw. You don’t have to be realistic to draw them. Sometimes they are Emphasis points in the characters.

If you can’t draw anime eyes for your Character or in any digital painting, then this article is for you.

How to draw anime eyes?

Anime eyes are usually big and unrealistic. You have to use thick and thin lines to draw them.

You can draw it on paper with a pencil, I am drawing it on a graphic tablet with photoshop software. you can follow up these simple steps to draw beautiful anime eyes.

① Line art –

Draw Anime Eyes

To draw line art for anime eyes you can use ‘Soft dip pen brush‘ in photoshop or any digital software.

Line art is not difficult to draw at all. You can just draw one thick curve line which represents the eyelashes on the upper sides.

You can draw upper and lower eyelids by making thin curved lines. And make one circle in middle for the pupil.

② Base color to draw anime eyes –

Draw Anime Eyes

Apply a base color to the iris of an eye. it should be in a lighter tone.

If you want to practice anime eye in greyscale you can apply light grey as a base color.

the base color can be anything like purple, blue, brown, red, etc.

③ Shading –

Draw Anime Eyes

For shading the eyes you have to think of an eye as a sphere. You have to shade it as shadower on the upper side and lighter at down. because our upper eyelids are usually big and their shadow is placed on eyeballs.

Take a round and smooth brush, reduce its opacity and make a circular stroke on the eyeball, then take an eraser with the same brush and erase the lighting area.

You can use black color to shadow or you can use the darker tone of your base color.

④ Add pupil and other textures –

Draw Anime Eyes

To add a pupil take any round and smooth brush and make a big dark dot in the middle of an eye. Then smudge it from the upper side.

Then take a round brush and reduce the opacity, then make a half-circular shape around the pupil to make the texture of an iris.

⑤ Add other bright colors –

Draw Anime Eyes

Anime eyes are so dramatic to see. that’s why you have to add some extra lighting and detailing.

Add some bright colored lights to an eye at the bottom as shown in the image.

make sure its opacity is very less and do not overdo it

⑥ Color the line art –

Draw Anime Eyes

As shown in the image you have to make some detailing in line art of an anime eye.

You can do it in the clipping layer. Apply the clipping mask and take a black color with a sharp brush and make details.

Also, make lines smoother by applying a round brush from the inner side very lightly.

⑦ Final Detailing in Anime Eyes –

Draw Anime Eyes

In the final detailing, add some bright and white-colored details to an eye as a reflection.

And You are done!

Drawing an anime eye is that simple. Practice these simple drawing steps to draw an anime eye and then you can also draw it.

Summary of How to draw anime eye –

Drawing cute anime eyes is so cool and simple to do. there few steps to do that.

  • make a line art by using thick and thin lines.
  • then apply a base color to the iris.
  • Then apply the shadow of the eyeball according to the lighting.
  • Then start to add some details.
  • then in the final stage add some reflections with sharp white dots and you’re done!
Thanks For Reading,
Artist Rohan