Promote And Market Art Using Social Media | Free Online Seminar

Social media marketing is a very popular topic these days. But how can an artist use sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets to promote and sell art?

This free online seminar will discuss various ways social media can be used to sell more art. We are going to focus more on methods and strategies, not just the tools of social media. Because if you do not have a sound strategy in place chances are you’ll just be wasting you time.

Each free Art Palaver webinar is no longer than 30 minutes long and includes plenty of time for live questions and answers.

The live event has already happened but you can find the audio, video, and slides below:

Social Media for Artists

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  1. Thanks for the broadcast. It has helped me confirm my own ideas about starting up an art blog. It is also a confidence booster because its hard to keep posting on a blog when it seems that nobody is listening.

    Best Regards,

  2. Emma Wright says:

    Thanks for this. Am just starting to get my head around social media and this has made me feel way more confident. I particularly like the idea of keeping it simple and doing the things you do well. Cheers